How can I place an order for flowers?

You can place an order on our website. First you need to choose - bouquet or flower arrangement and gifts, after the delivery method. Please fill in as completely as possible. Order form - this will allow us to take into account all your wishes. Next, you can choose a convenient method of payment and complete the order. Also you can place an order by phone with the operator or in an online consultant.

How do you know if you received a bouquet?

After the courier hands the bouquet to the recipient, he notifies you in the form of an SMS message, in case you are a subscriber of Kazakhstan mobile networks. In other cases, the delivery notification is sent by e-mail. Either our operators will call you.

Is it possible to receive a photo of the delivery of the bouquet?

When placing an order, you can indicate in the comments the wish for a photo at the delivery or in oral form to inform the operator when the order will be confirmed. To receive a photo, you must specify an email address. The photo will be sent to you within 1-3 business days from the date of delivery. The photo at the delivery is made only with the consent of the recipient. The service is provided free of charge.

Does the bouquet match the image on the site?

Yes, all the images presented on our website are photos of our florists. In an exceptional case, if any of the components of the composition are missing, we will contact you to agree on possible changes. But it should be noted that real floristry is always an art, each flower arrangement has its own personality, and two absolutely identical author's bouquets can not exist.

What is the guarantee that I will pay the order and it will be delivered to the address?

You can not doubt, your order will be delivered. We have been working in the flower delivery market for more than 12 years. By placing an order on the site, you automatically receive from us a copy of it with the order number. In addition, after delivery, the courier will notify you of the completion of the order, so you can immediately contact the recipient immediately after delivery.

How exactly is the delivery of flowers, knowing only the mobile phone number of the recipient?

You give us the number of your recipient, we contact him and say that we have for him a parcel, a gift and are interested where we can deliver and at what time is convenient for him. But we do NOT say that these are flowers! Whatever the surprise was a surprise.

Is anonymous delivery possible?

We deliver all the bouquets strictly anonymously, the only one from where the recipient can get information about the customer is a postcard or a free card with a signature at your discretion.

Are all the bouquets that are on the site available?

We receive fresh supplies on a daily basis from the producer, but there are seasonal flowers such as hyacinths, anemones, daffodils, raununculuses, mimosa and peonies, the presence and color of which is better to be ascertained in advance from the operator. In the event that a flower comes of inadequate quality, our operators will immediately inform about it and offer possible alternative options for color and cost.

Will the courier call the recipient before delivering?

There are two options for delivery, if you know the exact address and the recipient will be on it at the specified time of delivery, then the courier leaves without a call. If the address is not fully specified, and you could not be contacted, the courier will call the recipient to clarify the address or time of delivery, while not informing about what is taking and from whom.